Castelo do Mar
& Espirito do Mar

Driving to Castelo do Mar / Driving on Madeira / rent-a-car /taxi 

please click here to open your google maps app: Castelo do Mar Madeira, Caminho do Galvao 49, 9350-406 Tabua, Ribeira Brava

to navigate we stronlgy advise using google maps in 2023or waze! Any other navigation sistem you have to enter the old adress: "Castelo do Mar, Caminho do CORUJEIRA 49, TABUA" (which was the adress till 2010!). Still in google we don't have the "new" adress "Caminho do Galvao 49, Tabua, Ribeira Brava."

Parking at Castelo

The parking situation is very comfortable! We do have parking places on the street! The street is a dead end. Cars can be parked on the curb in front of the Castelo (see picture). In this case, there are still 3 m driving width - enough for all neighbors and the garbage truck to pass. Within 50 m range you're going to find your parking space!

No guest is allowed to stay the rented car in the garage, due to damage and difficulties in the past to leave the garage! On the street NEVER occured any damage to a parked car! So yes we do have parking around but always next to the street!


On Madeira we strongly recommend NOT to rent acar at sixt or via your booking comoany!!! With a delay they usually cancel the contract if you don't tell them instantly! The problems occuring to guests arriving with a delay somentimes of several hours trying to get another car you can imagine. If you booked via the payment is gone if you don't book the new car via again if you had the first contract with To know more more please contact me on WhatsApp. We do have several rent-a-ar companies worth booking.

 Is a car necessary on Madeira?

-> We strongly recommend to rent a car on Madeira!

-> all car rental companies offer or can supply you with a car at airport or offer a shuttle service to their parking spots!
Recommended car rental companies:
- Recommended is! Our guest get my personal code "688" to get a better price!
- motorbike rental: or www.4& but be aware: Roads with gradients of up to 100%!
- I'm sorry to say that we  STRONLGY NOT RECOMMEND SIXT on Madeira due to our experiences and guest experiences!
How to reach Castelo do Mar without driving licence?
Driving by bus on Madeira (not really recommended)
The bus system on Madeira exists in fine grid in the Funchal and its suburbs via the Horários do Funchal - Transportes Públicos, S.A.. to find on The rest of the island is connected to the route network of Rodoeste; but that's not a fine grid: The bus stops are up to 5 km distance one from another. To know where the next busstop is, please search for "Rodoeste bus stop" or just "bus stop" on google maps! The next bus stop is a 45 min walk from Castelo!
-> So, driving by bus on Madeira is an option, but only for those who can walk well and not for those arriving or departing with large luggage.

Driving by taxi on Madeira

We strongly recommend to take the traditional way by pone call! Specially for new year holidays or summer holidays there's no other way if you want to get your taxi!
To name some taxi companies:, tel.+351 967 020 359
Táxis Sónia & Armando, tel. +351 966 265 892
Horácio M. F. Abreu - Sociedade Unipessoal Lda., tel. +351 967 019 956
For the rest of the year there're several aps, trying to organize you a taxi...sometimes with more or less success...In case somebody is calling or even paying more, he or she will have priority it seems. Many tranfers have been cancelled in the past. To name some: (NOT recommended) (NOT recommended - new year 2022/23 it happened to guests that they cancelled the drive 1 hour before)