Castelo do Mar
& Espirito do Mar

Castelo do Mar
& Espirito do Mar

...Your Unique Holiday Rentals in Madeira!

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Sustainable quality and privacy of your own apartment with pool or hut tub and sea view

… who needs a hotel when you do have more comfort and space in your own apartments with the best restaurants of the island very close by within a 5 km range?
... we strive to cover our guests' energy consumption with solar energy!
…Your privacy is our priority! We will only enter your suite if you booked a service, which naturally will be charged extra if available!

Discover Madeira

Both accommodations are located on the south side of the island, where you’re going to find pleasant air and water conditions all year long. For our guests we chose the locations where you, as our guest, are able to benefit of most hours of sunlight and sunshine in Europe, and where pleasant air and water temperatures prevail all year-round.

As a swimmer or beach lover you’re going to be thrilled by “Praia da Calheta”. Calheta Beach is located between our lodgings, about 15 minutes away by car. We also recommend the Ribeira Brava Beach, with its black sand, about 5 minutes from Castelo by car, or Seixal Beach and Cabo Girão Fajã Beach, which can only be reached by cable car, about 10 minutes from Castelo by car.

At Castelo do Mar you’re going to be just as excited by the fantastic sea view and acoustic with 200 m distance to the sea as you’re by the ambience with its rock walls. At Villa do Mar, on the other hand, you’re going to enjoy the colonial, spacious ambience with gardens as well as the proximity to the Paul do Mar beach, which is a 200 m walk away and the historic town centre, a 400 m walk away.
From each house, you will easily access the world-famous Levada hiking trails, as part of Madeira’s UNESCO World Natural Heritage. However, we always recommend a rental car to discover and enjoy the island. After all, just the Levadas cover 3.000 km with hiking trails.

Experience nature

In all your lodgings we combine all elements to provide the greatest joy to all your senses: the Atlantic Ocean, with the sound of the waves and its sea breeze, the water-bearing Levadas, the sun, the rock walls, the natural river stones and the unique flora and fauna of Madeira. In the gardens, you will discover exotic tropical fruit-bearing plants and watch the lizards on the walls while listening to the whisper of the sea and enjoying the fragrance of the blossoms and the ocean and the sun on your skin.

Castelo do Mar & Espirito do Mar

For years we were looking for something extraordinary for our guests until we found it on Madeira: who doesn’t want to sleep in a castle with the same comfort as a 5 star hotel? Enjoy a castle with an integrated, natural lava basalt wall, spacious, unique and perfectly equipped suites, jacuzzis and a perfect view of the sea. The Levadas, Madeira's water veins and UNESCO World Heritage Site, are harmoniously integrated into and around the house.

During our first night's stay, we were excited by the starry sky, by the whisper of the sea and by the singing of the protected seabirds, without any other disturbing noises. On the terraces you will find all kinds of tropical fruit-bearing flowering plants, fragrant orchids and Madeira wall lizards. The cliffs and tropical plants, inside and outside the castle, offer you a closeness to nature and to all the elements that you will rarely experience somewhere else. The basalt rocks in the house offer you a perfect temperature all year round. With a bit of luck, you can experience the house waterfall on the outdoor terraces or in the pools.

With the aim of giving you, our guest, an incomparable holiday experience with maximum comfort and at the same time showing you the charm of Madeira and the original Portugal, we have done renovations. This “renaissance” in the first half of 2022 addressed all areas from the electricity, the windows, the escape routes, the elevator, the jacuzzies, the kitchens, the furniture, the decoration and as a highlight the natural stone showers and the massive stone washbasins. To respect the theme, we renamed “Castelo Austria” with its original Portuguese name “Castelo do Mar”. In this respect, as our guest, you will receive the comfort of a modern luxury suite with the charm of a lovingly restored castle.

Espirito do Mar, Portuguese for spirit of the sea, was built in the former town hall of Calheta and has retained its Portuguese-French charm even after complete renovation and conversion. The rock wall, our trademark, is visually integrated into the house and in the house. In Espirito we were fascinated by the sound of the stream and the quiet yet central location to our favorite nearby beach. We still spend wonderful weekends here!

Would you like to know how your Castelo do Mar is structured, where to find your entrance, terrace and jacuzzi?

…click on of the floor plans

Amenities and services in all our accomodations:

We pledge to provide exceptional luxury and comfort to you as our guest! To reach this goal we have spared no expense and effort in the best location, renovation, furniture, jacuzzis, materials and beds!

We focus on hygiene, cleanliness, and sleeping comfort! The largest suite covers almost 200 m² including pool area, while the "smallest" suite still covers well over 110 m² including terrace and jacuzzi. All suites feature a pool or a jacuzzi/hot tub with a hydromassage feature, modern kitchens, TVs, Wi-Fi with Internet and massive natural stone showers and river stone washbasins. Our sleeping furniture is designed for your most restful sleep! The mattresses have the hardness level 2-3 and offer you a restful sleep without tension! The bed linens are suitable for those who suffer from allergies. Each apartment has min one window equipped with fly screens so that you can enjoy the sound of the waves and nature even at night!

A central laundry room with washing machines and dryers and table tennis is available.

We guarantee our clients easy access to your suite, thanks to an access code that we will send you the day of your check-in, so that you can check in and check out anytime 24/7 for an extra charge. The code can be received manually, with or without the app on a smart phone. The doors will lock automatically when you push a button. Even if you lock the doors and you forgot your code and your smart phone, the manager can gurantee access to your suite after calling.

The apartments 2 and 4 are additionally accessible via our elevator via the access at ground level -1. Please consult the floor plans for more details.

From each terrace as well as from your own private pool or whirlpool you can enjoy the sea view, the weather and the sun. All apartments are perfect for family holidays as well as for individual holidays for singles or couples, as all suites offer 2 rooms with sleeping facilities. On request, we prepare the sofa beds with an additional mattress topper for more sleeping comfort.

You will find your holiday apartment for the duration of your stay complete with one bath towel and one small towel for your face and hands per person, as well as bed linen and an individually equipped kitchen. The final cleaning is included. However, we are not a hotel, which means we do not have room service or a restaurant. Unless you drive to a restaurant or café nearby (see you must bring your own groceries, drinks, shampoo, soap, product for the washing mashine, etc., or buy these things in the nearest supermarket! No other service is provided for the duration of your stay, except in special situations, but can be booked additionally if necessary.

Address and location:

Caminho do Galvão 49, 9350-406 Ribeira Brava, Ilha da Madeira, Portugal

Ribeira Brava with its natural sandy beach is located within a 30-minute walk for anyone who likes to walk; for tired hikers it takes 5 minutes by car.

The dream beach of Calheta can be reached in 20 minutes by car. The house is located 150 m above the cliff with banana, mango and papaya fields overlooking the beautiful, sheltered and idyllic bay of Tabúa, Ribeira Brava.

Rua da Igreja 34, 9370-205 Estreito da Calheta, Ilha da Madeira, Portugal

google maps under “Espirito do Mar Madeira”

The dream beach of Calheta can be reached on foot in about 40 minutes. For tired hikers, the beach parking lot can be reached in 5 minutes by car.
Your superior villa with jacuzzi is located in a quiet valley with a stream above the beach.

Castelo do Mar - Superior XXL Suite C1 with private Pool

Castelo do Mar Seaview XL Suite C2 with private Jacuzzi

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Our Superior XXL Suite C1 contains 198.55 m² of living, terrace and pool area. What’s the highlight of your day? Gently falling asleep surrounded by rock walls in the bedroom and the whisper of the sea, or enjoying your first cup in the morning at the pool terrace with a wonderful sea view and the sound of the waves? One whole floor is prepared for you: an extra-large bedroom with wooden floors, a 180x200 cm solid bed made of oak beams, orthopedic mattress and sofa bed, internet, a small bedroom carved out of the rock, a fully equipped kitchen, a pool with terrace and toilet, bathroom with river stone wash basins and shower, covered seating area. You will find space for 1-6 people - recommended for 4 adults in 2 rooms - see floor plans.

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The SeaView Suite C2 contains 118.41 m² including the roof terrace. What’s your daily highlight? In bed or in your jacuzzi: Enjoy the perfect sea view with a hydromassage or gently fall asleep with a whisper of the sea and a gentle warm sea breeze through the open window on your face. Prepared for you: Bedroom with wooden floor, 180x200 cm solid bed made of oak beams and sofa bed beside, living room with sofa bed, Internet, bathroom with natural stone shower tray and river stone washbasin, 2 terraces, jacuzzi, rock kitchen (compact with 2 cooking plates) access via external stairs over the roof terrace or via elevator. You will find space for 1-6 people - recommended for 3 adults in 2 rooms- see floor plans.

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Castelo do Mar - Rock XL Suite C3 with private Jacuzzi

Castelo do Mar - Premium Seaview XXL Suite C4 with Jacuzzi

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The Rock Suite C3 contains 111.49 m² including the roof terrace. What’s the highlight of your day? Enjoying the panorama in your jacuzzi during a water massage or letting the whisper of the sea soothe you and lull you to sleep. Prepared for you: bedroom with 180x200 cm solid bed made of oak beams, 2 bathrooms with natural stone shower and massive stone wash bassin, kitchen with sofa bed, jacuzzi on the 4th floor, roof terrace, access via external stairs. You will find space for 1-4 people - recommended for 3 adults in 2 rooms- see floor plans.

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The Premium Seaview Suite C4 contains 139.64 m² including terrace. What’s the highlight of your day? Enjoying the sea view everywhere: In front of the rock walls or in your Jacuzzi with a warm hydromassage and sea breeze on your face. One floor is being prepared for you: 2 bathrooms, including the spectacular natural stone walls bathroom with a bathtub, bedroom with panoramic window and sofa bed, living room with kitchen and sofa bed, jacuzzi and terrace, access via external stairs and elevator. You will find space for 1-6 people- recommended for 4 adults in 2 rooms- see floor plans.

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Espirito do Mar - Superior Villa with private Jacuzzi



Vivenda do Mar - 6 apartment suites with Superior Pool area


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opening in 2026

Depending on the number of people, your luxurious superior villa includes a Honeymoon Suite with a bathroom and, when booking for 3 people or more, 1-3 additional bedrooms with wooden beam beds and comfortable 30 cm extra-comfortable reversible mattresses, 1 living room with 1 television and 2 sofa beds (max. 10 people ), 1 additional bathroom on the ground floor, high-speed internet, WiFi, 50 m² of terrace areas, sea views from one bedroom and from the terraces, an xxl 5-person jacuzzi, solar power, 1 sloping parking space, a tropical garden with the rarest palm and bromeliad species and a parking lot next to the street.
Your superior villa is a 5-minute drive from Madeira's most sought-after beach: Praia da Calheta! A small river can be heard flowing 50 m further down the valley. The environment is village-like, tropical and quiet. Sea views are available from one bedroom and from the terraces.

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